Using Smartphone Smartly while on Outings


The growing culture of using smartphones while on the move has increased manifold in the last few years and is only showing signs of increasing in the time to come.

map3bWhile it may be addictive to some and it could also be irritating to see someone always glued to the smart phone screen in a public place or a social gathering, the fact that they have come to stay cannot be denied. However, it is up to us how to use a smart phone well as an assistant rather than a hindrance.

While we find vacationers generally using the smartphones for taking selfies, or pictures of scenery, food, etc over the social media sites, there are many who use their phones for other practical reasons too. Like being a companion for music, videos and movies. We are here talking of using the phones for utilitarian reasons.  For the records, there are many Play app available that make the task of using the smartphones while on a holiday an interesting as well as a fulfilling experience.

It is up to us to make use of the applications as well as the technology that would help you during your outings especially when you are going to a new or remote place.

There are many such things that you can do while you are on a holiday. A Smartphone can enhance your holiday experience by being a useful tool to get information as well as find directions.

If you are a backpacker or a camper, you can use it as a GPS device to take you through your treks. The map2Google maps offer an excellent alternative to carrying huge bulky maps as you can easily zoom down and find your way to and from any location! To make it even more interesting, you also have many off-line map applications that don’t even need data connectivity while you are out n the wild!

If you are a star-gazer interested in discovering new constellations in the open clear skies outdoors, you have many such applications that would help identify the various stars and constellations!

For a camping trip enthusiast, it will help in finding the various camping sites and also give directions about how to reach the sites.

For general tourist who is walking on the city tours and looking at the famous architectural wonders, there are many apps that give out interesting details about these structures. This would certainly make your tourism experience even more worthwhile.

You don’t even need the guides to know the history or the background of any interesting building or architectural monuments that may you may come across.

There are applications that will help to plan out your entire trip; which includes booking of the airlines as well as other means of transport and organizing your stay. For E.g. If you are planning your evening out at one the restaurants and want to shortlist those which you can visit you can get an entire list along with the reviews that will help you decide the best place for you.

Therefore, if used intelligently, the smartphones can enhance your trip to a great extent. With a cell phone in your hand you simply cannot get altogether lost while on a trip to a different land.


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