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If you are looking for a train reservation anywhere within United Kingdom, and do not wish to waste going to the railway stations or other outlets,  then is a perfect online ticketing platform for to buy your train tickets  sitting right in the comfort of your home.  Not only that, you can also make a huge saving by planning and booking your tickets well in advance.

tr2There are been occasions when one can easily make about 43 to 55% savings by using

Advantages of using

There are many advantages of using the  Some of these are –

  • There is a facility named “the best fare finder” on the website which will give you the least fares availability between the destinations of your choice on a particular day. this is very useful in case your dates of travelling a flexible as it offers a range of best fares from where you can pick and chose.
  • Even when the dates are not flexible, you can be assured of the least prices that are available.
  • You get a number of options to choose from, out of the various trains running between the stations is concerned.
  • The online availability makes it easy for you plan your travel and get assured bookings which would make your travel much more comfortable.
  • The “Journey Planner” tool available on the website can help you check the railway time tables as well as plan your next booking.
  • In case you do not get a suitable booking available for the day of your choice, you can use an application called the “Alert Tool” which will notify you whenever the tickets become available for that journey.

The business account

If you enroll yourself for the business account you get many benefits which include tr3  assured saving of 38% on booking your tickets well in advance. Some of the other advantages of this plan are that you can manage your journeys in a much better fashion as it permits you to amend as well as update your bookings. you can also get your refunds on line in case you choose to cancel your journey.  It also gives you flexibility in choosing the mode of payment.

The downside

Like everything else there has to be a certain downside even in a well indented action. In case of the the only downside appears to be the introduction of a booking fee that started recently.  While this has invited some criticism, there is a way around it.  Since it is applicable only to the payments made by credit card, you can get around it by using debit cards for making payments.  The other alternative of course is to go and buy air tickets from a ticket window but that is quite inconvenient.

You could also choose to buy tickets from the individual train companies on the internet but then it is not easy to compare and get the best alternative.


While there is this drawback about payment with credit card, it is well worth it to book your train tickets by because of the convenience and the savings that you can avail.


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