The much awaited Expansion of O’Hare Airport


In a major deal that has generated a lot of excitement recently, is the deal between O’Hare Airport and the American Airlines. Mayor Rahm Emanuel,  who recently signed the pact of making new gates and runways at O’Hare International Airport involves  a whopping 1.3 million dollars says that this will help in building massive runway of 11245 feet long which will go on to  make O’Hare Airport one of the biggest airport in America. It will join the league of the airports having super runways that are more than 200 meters’ wide.

ohareAccording to the deal, the entire cost of these new gates at Terminal 3 as well as the strips will be funded by the American Airlines and would be completed in 5 years time. It will go on to add the capacity of this airport manifolds.

This not only signifies ambitious shift in the American Airlines investment plans but also makes possible for increasing the airline’s footprint and the social cause of serving the community in a better manner.

With this, the number of Gates at Terminal 3 of the O’Hare International Airport shoots up to 66, which, as per the American Airlines spokesperson, would enable it to handle greater number of domestic and international at traffic from Terminal 3.  Not only that, it will also make it possible for the flight to arrive at terminal 5 which is the major export destination for the international passengers since the customs and border staff is located at this terminal.

The entire cost of this ambitious project will be between 55 to 75 million dollars and on its completion, the total number of gates at this airport will then go up 295; which effectively  would be the first major transformation Since the time it was was inaugurated in 1993 after its first major renovation.

As per Mayor Rahm Emanuel, it is a landmark deal and the agreement was drafted by the major players- the representatives of city as well as the central aviation authority.  The final deal was signed by the representatives of the American Airlines and the US senators of Illinois Mark Kirk and Dick Durbin on behalf of the O’Hare Airport authority.

However, the deal has had its share controversies. One of the areas of concern has been the fact that recentlyO'Hare_International_Airport1 too many Chicago residents have complained against the increasing noise levels as it involves a major shift in the flight path. For this Mr. Michael Minerva, the vice president of American Airlines’ has announced that there are plans to incorporate sound installation systems in the affected homes and public places, schools, etc.

The work is schedule to start in 2018 it is likely to finish by 2020. It would give employment to almost 5000 people with at least 4000 of them being skilled professionals.

There are still a number of details that need to be tied up but the mayor’s office is optimistic about the remaining issues being sorted out soon to arrive at a solution.  As per Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the city plans to negotiate with every stakeholder at O’Hare and look into all the concerns that arise from the terminal expansion and construction of the new gates.


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