The less visited Cruise destinations around the world


Considering the fact that the three fourth surface area of the earth comprises  water in the form of oceans, it would be logical that most of the scenic destinations on the earth would be also in the small islands sprayed out all over the vast oceans. There is no better way to explore these places except by a cruise.

Here is a list of some of those wonderful destinations that are less visited because of their remoteness and would be ideal if you wish to take a cruise trip.


cruise2Being the southernmost continent which is an uninhabited, ice-covered part of our globe and has a very special significance as it is also the location of the South Pole.  If you are fond of seeing Colonies of Penguins and the sights of soaring icebergs and glaciers this is the place to go.  However, you must keep in mind that such a trip has extremely prohibitive cost.  Also, the geographical location makes it inaccessible between the periods April to October. The best time for a visit would be between December and January since the sea as well as weather is the most agreeable during that period.


One of the most peaceful cruises is the one that you take along Alaskan seas as you quietly sail along the glaciers and snow capped peaks.  The entire region is a photographer’s delight. You can also try out helicopter rides as well as dog sledding here. However keep in mind that this region is really cold during the months May to September.  The best time to visit would be between June and August when the daylight hours are longer.


Not many would recall, but this is the place where Charles Darwin came up with his famous evolution theory after observing the unique wildlife that existed there.  The best time to visit here would be between April & May when you can expect warm weather, clear skies as well as calm seas.

South Pacific

This area has some of the exotic destinations like the lush tropical islands of Moorea and Bora Bora that lies in French Polynesia.  But select this option only when you are fond of cruising along the sea for a long time because of the distances involved between various destinations.  For the best time for your travel you must look up the local guides because being the Pacific being a vast area doesn’t have one specific time which is applicable to all.


The Mediterranean has some of the world’s most exciting regions such as the Greek islands, French Rivera, Spanish Costa Del Sol and The famous Italian Ligurian Coast.  The best time to visit this region would be between May and September which are the warmest months.  Avoid going there between November and March. Also keep in mind is that some coasts are heavily tourist-packed during the months of summer and you may get slightly disillusioned if you have gone for a quiet little holiday.


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