SITA & MIA unveil the Personal Travel Companion for your Smartphone


We all are aware of many uses of a smart phone, and have generally been using quite a few applications related to travel and tourism. But then, these applications have been developed with fragmented parameters as every one of them covers only some specific area or the other.

Therefore, the new app all-in-one app launched by the MIA (Miami International Airport) in collaboration with SITA has generated quite a few ripples of excitement amongst travelers all over the world as it is being touted as one of the first applications that will use all the latest technologies including the Bluetooth Beacon and aggregate all the information in one place.
app1As per the developers, it helps in getting the right type of information at the right time; whenever the user needs it. The best part of this application is supposed to be its very easy to use interface which gives personalized updates that are based on the individual needs, location and settings.

It is more like a personal travel assistant on your Smartphone; whether it uses iOS or Android devices, and will take you thru the entire process of check in to check out and baggage collection at the airport, besides many uses before and after arrival,

The frequent travelers are also more excited because it is expected to provide all the information that they need about the destination; be it the flight timings or the boarding gate number or even the belt at which the baggage would be collected. not only that, it is very useful for someone travelling in a new place because it gives updated maps, directions as well as the location and list of important places nearby.

As per one of the officials of the Miami International Airport, this is the latest example of leveraging the travel technology and making it useful for the tourists.

ap1As per Matthys Serfontein, the Vice President (Airport Solutions) at SITA there is excitement everywhere. He claimed that although there have been a multitude of travel applications, but the technology developed by SITA has made it possible to give a truly personalized experience by incorporating the best of the latest infrastructure at the airports.

For example, the normal applications that existed till now could not personalize the experience because of the lack of information about where you were going or at what time.  They were generally passive type of applications. SITA on the other hand has focused more on proactive and personalized app that would give real time business oriented intelligent information and a seamless User experience.

Having developed it after decades of experience at the airports with various Airlines, this app will have all the information that one can hope for.  Thus it certainly has become one of the most technologically advanced applications to be used at airports.  Since it uses the latest Beacon Technology which has high registry standards and is normally used at all the airports, the chances of it going wrong are negligible.


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