Puerto Rico – Practical Tips for First Time Travelers


What you must know

Puerto Rico, located in the northeast Caribbean region, is not an independent nation as many may think; but is a territory of the United States since the 1947.  It is an archipelago consisting of the main Island a number of small islands around it.   Its largest city is San Juan, which is also its capital.  Since it has been ruled by Spain for a long time, the official languages are Spanish as well as English.

pr4Puerto Rico’s is a popular destination for tourists from all around the world due to its diverse natural scenery, tropical climate, renowned traditional cuisine, and rich history as well as attractive tax incentives.

Its strategic location in the Caribbean, led to centuries of migration and colonization and you will find many influences of Spanish, Amerindian, and North American, African cultures during your trip.

Preparation for the trip

With so much to do on the islands, chances are that you will run out of time if you do not plan your trip well in advance.  Therefore, to make this tropical adventure successful here are a few tips that will help you in planning.

  • Knowledge of the territory – it is important to understand that it is a US territory and hence all the laws related to entry into us will be applicable. Old San Juan the capital of Puerto Rico is also the oldest city in the US. Its natural wonders include a dwarf forest within a distance of few miles and perhaps one of the largest systems of caves in the entire world.

prYou can visit the island anytime of the Year the best months are between the March and August when it is spring season just turning into summer.

  • Transportation options – This is one big drawback in Puerto Rico since you would not find many means of public transport. Therefore it is best to rent your own car.  While at this subject, it would be wise to mention that it is very difficult to walk in the scorching sun, especially when there are not many pedestrian pathways around the Island. Also do not depend too much upon the railway. There is just a signal rail line will goes by the name of Tren Urbano,  but strictly speaking, it is for the used by the locals only for the suburban travels.

Getting around

It is fairly easy to explore the island. Try to do it yourself instead of being swayed by the various tour operators or the hotels since everything is within reach and you can easily manage to explore the island and its natural beauty on your own.

The budget

Staying at Puerto Rico on a small budget is quite difficult, since you may not come across any budget friendly accommodation. The prices for everything out here are quite high, yet by being sensible and spending only when necessary, a visit to this beautiful destination of Puerto Rico is well worth it for the unique experience that it offers.




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