Pick of the World’s Best Airlines to travel


Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is a relatively new airline but in a very short time it has not only made a niche for itself, but also has grown in size with one of the biggest fleet of the latest aircraft. It currently flies to more than 140 destinations the world over.

It has the highest level of service and strives for excellence which has earned it the tag of the best carrier in the world. It has won many awards and is not only the best, but also is very affordable.

The Qatar Airways network touches almost every leisure and business destination across the Middle East, Europe, Africa, North America, Asia Pacific and South America.

The Emirates Airlines

Founded very recently in 1985, and starting with just two aircraft operating from Dubai, The Emirates Airlines airlines2has grown from strength to strength and boasts of a fleet of above 230 aircraft.

It has a global footprint and currently flies to the top 140 destinations of the world, covering more than 80 nations all around the globe.

It is a dynamic airline company which is constantly expanding its network. It has a legendary onboard service and with more than 1,500 flights departing from Dubai airport every week its record is difficult to match up.

Etihad Airways

The Etihad Airways is a new player that commenced its operations in the end of 2003.  This airline endeavors to reflect the very best in Arabian hospitality. It has an enviable fleet of more than 117 Boeing and Airbus aircraft and touches the prime destinations across the globe.

Turkish Airlines

The growth of this little known airline is a success story that has no parallel. An airline that started ambitiously  in 1933 with a small fleet of just five aircraft, today the Turkish Airlines boasts of almost 261 aircraft (cargo and passenger) flying to more than 240 destinations the world over.

It is known to cover 105 countries; much more than any other international airline (over the five continents).

Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific has the distinction of having won the ward of ‘World’s Best Airline’ a number of times. The last it received it was in the Year 2014 when it bagged it the fourth time. This speaks of the consistently high standards it has achieved and is by far a great achievement.

Today, the famous Cathay Pacific Group (that includes Air Hong Kong and the Dragon air), flies to more than 130 destinations all across the world with a fleet of more than 150 aircraft.

Singapore Airlines

Who has not heard of the outstanding on-board services of Singapore Airlines which also makes the most respected air travel brands of the world. It flies one of the best aircraft fleets to all the top destinations with a network that covers every continent.

As far as the brand value goes, its iconic “Singapore Airlines Girl” is perhaps the most internationally-recognizable face which signifies its high standards of service and care.




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