Memories of Cuba


As the holidays come to an end, my mind is filled with the wonderful time spent in Cuba as the memories of the sunny days come flooding in. Life is full of sweet surprises and no one in my family would have thought that the trip to Cuba will turn out to be so exciting.

cuba2It’s a beautiful island nation that is surprisingly holding on to its communist heritage against all odds and from what I saw, the proud nation is justifiably confident of moving ahead in the new era as it prepares for its 500th birthday which ITU plans to celebrate in the 2019.

If you want to see some of its old charm, this is the right time to see it at its fill glory before the renovating and construction activities to renovate and remodel to change the flavor that marks its unique culture.

Although there is just a narrow strait which separates it from the US, the difference between the two is vast. It is for this very reason that it is worth a visit- and soon, before there western culture and the SSSI called progress catches up and changes the very essence of the island nation which has otherwise not changed much during the past five decades.

What to see while in Cuba

The Coral Reefs

Unknown to many, Cuba is home to some of the world’s top coral reefs and is a perfect draw for anyone fond of witnessing the relatively un-spoiled marine life.


This is the name given to the local restaurants, with a little different. And that is – the owner too must have his home in the same premises. Not only that, even the staff should be a part of the same family! This makes it a truly family run experience.

La Opera de-la-Calle

Quite literally, it translates to “Opera of the Street”, a brainchild of the entrepreneur Ulises Aquino is a must visit.

It performs twice every day and the clamor to be there is seen to be believed as throngs of tourists head for the Metropolitan Opera where it plays at the cross at the musical Stomp. Live up your passion for truly original concept opera.


Now before you think anything else, we are not referring to the Trinidad as in the, Caribbean islands. – This is Cuba’s must original city that has stayed in the past. In fact it is also called the “City which the time forgot’.

This Trinidad has remained unchanged and maintained its colonial legacy. The best part is the unspoiled cuba1beaches and the Valle de-los-Ingenios (the Valley of Sugar Mills) nearby. Both of them are UNESCO Heritage Site.  The small family run restaurants have a tradition of good seafood and the stone really original musical treats by the local musicians.

Antique Car rides

Yes, you heard it right! Cuba has an astonishing collection of vintage cars in good condition and hungry date back right into the 1930s. You can plan to take a ride in one of them in the streets of Havana to experience the original mechanical marvels as designed in their heydays.



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