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If you are planning a vacation and thinking of booking of a place to stay, do look up the many options that are offered on the website HomeAway.com

Homeaway is the world’s leading market place for booking of vacation rentals anywhere in the world. Although it has started very recently in 2012, it has made a niche’ for itself in a very short time as a preferred provider for all types of vacation rentals. So whatever you are looking for, be it an independent house/flat or some exotic houseboat or a condo, Homeaway is sure to get to you the best of offers.

As you would see on many of the profiles listed on the Homeaway, most of the hosts are themselves keen travelers and understand the requirements of people who come to their countries to explore.  Since they understand the requirements, they also provide for all such facilities which would come handy at a very marginal cost.

Homeaway views its hosts not merely as someone listing their property but more as a partners and local guides for the guests, giving helpful hints about how to go around enjoying their visit to the maximum.


How does it work?

  • As a host, you can easily list your property on the website because listing is totally free.
  • The guests will see your listing at the Homeaway website search and send you a message by the online messaging system.
  • The site enables exchange of messages and gets to know all the information that is required by both, the guest as well as host.
  • The guest then proceeds to book his accommodation and make a payment through the secure online gateway.
  • The host receives the payment within 24 hours.
  • During and after the visit the host and the guest remain in touch with each other and also write reviews which would help other people who are searching on the internet.



The Homeaway advantages-

Homeaway is one of the simplest online providers for home stays as well as vacation homes because it has options which suit everyone. some of these are given below –

  • Least Commission for listing – the listing is totally free and subsequently after making a successful booking the owner has to just pay only 3% of the booking amount, which is one of the least.
  • Ease of Management – the website has tracking tools for your bookings and you can easily organize your reservations as well as manage the entire account.
  • Cool Offers and promotions – in order to stay ahead of the competition and also to engage more guests, Homeaway comes up with many last minute deals and promotional offers.
  • A Touch of Class – The biggest advantage of course is the type of property they offer. although they cannot vet out every single property but Homeaway takes efforts to ensure that only the best of properties are listed It also takes the reviews to ensure higher standards of the services.

Therefore, the next time you plan a visit try out the Homeaway property listings and enjoy the best of vacations.

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