Fatal Train Mishap in Bavaria, Germany: 9 dead, 50 injured


A head on collision between two trains in Bavaria, Germany on 09 February 2016, left 9 people dead and around 50 seriously injured.  The trains were jointly carrying around 150 passengers. The impact between the trains was so great that almost hundred people suffered injuries, 50 of them as serious.  There are also reports of two people missing and the search for them is on.

The unfortunate accident took place near Bad Aibling, about 60 kilometers away from Munich, along a single track line railway line between Holzkirchen and Rosenheim while the trains were negotiated a curve.

train2As per Alexander Dobrindt, the German Transport Minister, the mishap seems to have happened because largely due to the human error and the graphical layout due to which the drivers of the trains may not have seen each other while negotiating the band.

But what is battling the authorities is how the two trains came to be on the same track when it is just a single line existing in that area!

As per some eyewitness accounts as well as well as the survivors, the trains were travelling at normal speeds of not more than hundred kilometers per hour (roughly 65 miles per hour). It is believed that the situation could not have been avoided as they were coming in opposite direction on the single track.  Mr. Alexander Dobrindt has described this cash as one of the biggest in Germany for many years.

Among those killed were also the drivers of both the trains and the investigation was on about identification of the other victims as well as those who were missing.

Hearing of the crash, many rescue workers from the nearby villages as well as police and government officials from Germany as well as neighboring Austria rushed to the spot to help out those involved.

The government put in boats and helicopters to ferry the injured to various hospitals and clinics nearby.  Since train 4the accident occurred in an isolated and highly forested region, it took almost 3 hours of rescue operation to remove the victims and take them to the hospitals for further care.

The incident has found sympathy amongst all and Angela Merkel, the German chancellor expressed her deep shock stated that her sympathies were with all those involved in the accident especially those who had lost their lives.

There are many questions to being raised about the accident. As per Christian Schreyer, the chairman of the board for Transdev, It was only recently that in 2011, after the crash in Oschersleben, in which ten people were killed, safety measures like automatic brakes system had been implemented in all trains in Germany. It was capable of stopping the trains in times of emergencies when they were on the wrong tracks or as in this case, on a single track.  Reportedly, besides the drivers, there were instructors too on board both the trains and the chances of all of them missing out the red signal are remote. So how exactly did this take place?


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