Exploring the Legend of Pompeii and Vesuvius



What can be more exhilarating than a hike up the famous Mount Vesuvius followed by exploring the ruins of Pompeii; the ancient archeological wonder listed the UNESCO’s world heritage sites list?

If you happen to be visiting Rome, do not miss out this top destination which is one of my favorite as a must-do day long trip within a short distance from Rome!

While the visit itself is full of surprising dots that connect it to history of the vast empire that ancient Rome symbolized, a hike up the Mount Vesuvius is in itself a wonderful trekking experience.  The highlight of this hike is that it takes you along the ridge of the feisty volcano at a gentle steady pace and allows you incredible views into the mouth of the massive crater.

pomp2After the hike the trip would take you to the ancient ruins of Pompeii where you witness the havoc that was caused by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius way back in the period 79AD. You can take a tour of the excavations of these ruins and see many fossils. Surprisingly, most if the ruins are well-preserved and it is a sheer delight to dwell into the ancient past of this once glorious city.

Do make a note that the Mount Vesuvius cannot be seen during the period 16th November to 31st March. However, if you happen to visit Pompeii during this period, you can still take your trip and replace the volcano hike with a visit to the National Archeological Museum, Pompeii.

Highlights of the trip

The day trip to Pompeii Mount Vesuvius   from Rome is best done with an expert guide since you don’t want to miss out on anything important. This way you would also save a lot of time.

The trip will involve the following –

  • A hike up the slope of the volcano for about an hour and thereafter a gradual level walk along the ridge from where you can gaze right into the huge crater.
  • Catch a mesmerizing panoramic view of the vast Bay of Naples
  • For gastronomic pleasures, dig into the mouth watering Neapolitan pizza which is famous all over the world for its unique taste.
  • In case of the closure of Mount Vesuvius, you can explore the ancient treasures kept in the National Archeological Museum at Pompeii.

Hints for Touristspompeii1

If you engage a guide, one o the best meeting places would be Piazza del Popolo. There you can board one of the luxury, air-conditioned coaches or taxies that wouldAdd Media take you to your journey in to Italy’s famous Campania region. Do look out for the highlights of the region as you go, and ask your guide to tell you about with myths and stories about this place- there are many fables surrounding the fearsome Mount Vesuvius.

You will see the remains of the ancient lava flows at the foothills of the volcano. Once you have gone up, soak up the views of the countryside against the backdrop of the famous Bay of Naples.  Do all this before the lunch.

The city is world famous for its pizzas.  Enjoy this for lunch, and thereafter head for Pompeii and explore its well-preserved fossils and ruins at the archaeological sites that were dug out from under mounds of lava flows after centuries


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