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Considering the fact that the three fourth surface area of the earth comprises  water in the form of oceans, it would be logical that most of the scenic destinations on the earth would be also in the small islands sprayed out all over the vast oceans. There is no better way to explore these places except by a cruise. Here is a list of some of those wonderful destinations that are less visited because of their remoteness and would be ideal if you wish to take a cruise trip. Antarctica Being the southernmost continent which is an uninhabited, ice-covered part of our globe and…

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There has been increasing trend of tourists preferring smaller cruise ships to explore, instead of the larger ones that have been traditionally taken on voyages round the globe. We see many people booking cruise holidays on ships that are of capacity 100 to 300. The trends are surely changing. While the larger luxury liners have a sort of nostalgic touch associated with their names and are definitely a notch higher as far as luxury offerings are concerned, smaller cruises have certain other advantages which make it worthwhile to consider them. If you ask me personally, I do love luxury but…