Cancun calling – The Rise of the small Mexican destination


Cancún, the southeastern city of Mexico has been in news often and lately has grabbed the attention of the entire world due to it being the venue of the famous Cancun convention. Its location at the northeast coast of the Mexican Quintana Roo state in Yucatán Peninsula makes it an ideal tourist destination. Geographically, the city marks the easternmost points of Mexico and juts out in the Caribbean Sea.

The Cancun Agreement

The Cancun Climatic Change Conference held recently, was attended by almost 12,000 participants from all over the world, including representatives of the UN, government officials, various environmental agencies, NGOs, and the accredited members of international media houses. The meeting is believed to have produced the most comprehensive international response to the climatic change.

pyrAlthough a relatively young city, it has a memorial of its foundation in 2002. It is in form of a tower where the old airport is located in the Kabah Avenue. This 15 meters tall memorial was built with the donations received from Aerocaribe, the local airline. Its structure got badly damaged by the Hurricane Wilma during 2005 and the new memorial was made on 2010.

Mayan archaeological sites in Cancun

Cancun is also famous for many small Mayan vestiges that date back to the pre-Columbian Mayan civilization. The Las Ruinas del Rey or simply El Rey falls in El Meco, the Hotel Zone and is a fairly large Mayan site on the mainland, on a road leading north to Punta Sam, just on the outskirts of the city.

cancun2There are many other sites too located near the Grand Costa Maya and Riviera Maya region. Some of them are – small Polé (now called Xcaret), Cobá Muyil (Riviera), Kinichná, Dzibanché, Chacchoben, Tulum, KohunlichOxtanka. Another well known place is Chichén Itzá located in Yucatán, its neighboring state. Cancun is a bustling city of almost a million inhabitants including the floating population coming from the USA and the various South American nations.

What has grabbed the headlines recently is the increasing record visitor numbers that have been visiting the city year after year and the figure crossed five million this year ( much more than its own population) setting behind all the previous records.

The highlights are –

  • As per the figures given by the Hotel Association of Cancun & Puerto Morelos, the average hotel occupancy rates for this year reached an astounding 82 per cent; a record all-time high in its fairly short history!
  • Cancun has emerged as a preferred destination for the tourists coming to Mexico
  • The average occupancy rate is far better than the other similar resort cities like the Los Cabos.
  • Cancun has also been acknowledged as the Leading Beach Destination in Mexico and won the World Travel Award for this during the year 2015.
  • Even an online travel agency like Expedia has named it as one of the best international destinations, leaving behind the other more famous names like New York and the Las Vegas.

The Cancun Airport has recently seen a major expansion of its terminals. Recent days have witnessed a huge increase in flights to and from the U.S with airlines like the as Frontier, American Airlines and Vacation Express operating from Cancun Airport round the clock.



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