Best of the Lesser Known Places in Spain



spain_mapIf you are planning a typical Spanish seaside holiday and are worried about landing up in the midst of the crowds that seem to fill up every well known tourist destination, then here is a list of places you could visit without the fear of arriving at an overcrowded or over-packaged place.


A short panoramic walk round the coastal road from Calella would lead you to Llafranc which lies along an exquisite wide crescent beach displaying a group of swanky yachts neatly stacked at its northern end. Though it is not as pretty as the better known Calella or Tamariu, Llafranc attracts the smart Spanish crowd because of a string of first-class and often pricey bars, restaurants and hotels along its tree-lined promenade. The beach often gets crowded in August but otherwise this is a nice little spot where you can easily spend hours looking at the nature’s beauty all around.


If you are with young children and looking for a simple beach holiday, Tamariu would rank top in the list.  Here you will find many local accommodation options to stay and should try and rent one overlooking the wide sea-front. What makes it ideal for children (including  toddlers) is the fact that  its small soft-sand beach slopes gently into the shallow waters, makes it safe enough for all. If you are a diving enthusiast, the resort also has a diving shop that looks pretty inviting. All in all, Tamariu is excellent for relaxation

The town becomes vibrant on Saturday evenings during the months of July-August, when groups of locals as well as the tourists gather to see the Sardanas, a traditional Catalan folk dance near the seafront.

Calella de Palafrugellspain-travel

The Calella de Palafrugell is an ultimate fishing-village resort in the Costa Brava. It boasts of seven small beaches, protected by jutting out rocky outcrops. The entire region has been shielded from exploitation by the mass tourism industry owing to the two geographical freaks of nature – the corkscrew bends and the steep cliffs which make it uneconomical for the hotels and the winding road that leads to it is a traveler’s nightmare for the tourist coaches.

Near the beach, there is a jumble of arcades and shops, a few boutiques but mostly the small bars and restaurants. There are a few small pleasant hotels. You can also see the offers of accommodation in the houses and apartments, at a modest price.


This is the main getaway locale for a typical British holidaymaker because of the popularity amongst the tourists of the huge family-run hotel, which has the same name -“Aiguablava”; well known for its thoroughbred look as well as the high standard of food, service and surroundings.

Besides this, you will find its clear translucent blue waters inviting enough for a quick scramble from your place of stay down to sea through pines and rocks. During the summers, you will find many visitors taking a picnic at the beachfront, having a lazy lunch from one of the many grilled-sardine and fried fish restaurants along the beach.


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