Angkor Palace Resort, Siem Reap


Siem Reap in north-western Cambodia is a typical resort town. It is also the gateway to Angkor, which has the “Angkor Wat” the famous well preserved ancient Hindu temple as well as the ruins of many intricate stone structures around the main temple.

seim reipIt is here, located at this prime tourist destination of Cambodia, that the Angkor Palace Resort, is located. It is one of the better known luxury hotels of Siem Reap. The outstanding feature of the architecture of this resort is that it is designed and built indigenously by the Cambodians; therefore it depicts the traditional architecture of the country and reflects the luxury which is befitting of dignitaries and royalty.

Constructed over an area of almost 11 hectares, it has a tranquil and serene setting which ensures a memorable experience for the guests.

The Angkor Palace Resort has 260 rooms. These are large and spacious and reflect the authentic Cambodian culture. This will give you an opportunity to immerse yourself fully in the Cambodian customs, tradition and seep in the Khmer artistry and architecture. There is a very strong ambience that reflects upon the lifestyle of the famed ancestors involved in building the entire Angkor Temples complex more than 500 years ago.

The stay

This resort provides its guests the welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of Siem Reap. A stay in The sr2Angkor Palace Resort set in the midst of gardens offers peace, tranquil and privacy.

As soon as you walk into the rooms, you will be struck by the richness of the teak furniture and a rich aura of furnishings cast in the warm hues of yellow and orange that invokes a sense of calmness and serenity. Despite the touch of historical charm, the suites, villas and rooms are equipped with all the modern amenities essential for a tourist including the free Wi-Fi.


The in-house “Sunset Café” has some very innovative cuisine choices accompanied with an array of fine wines. The Angkor Palace Resort caters to all tastes and offers a variety of international as well as local cuisines to satisfy everyone. However, if you really wish to get a taste of the real Cambodia, it makes sense try out the local menu and sample the different dishes the traditional Khmer dining has to offer. You will be amazed at the blend of rich South-east Asian spices in the cuisine.

The Pool Bar is another place where the guests can try out cold beverages and a variety of scrumptious snacks of local variety or gorge at the pastries in the Club Lounge.

Many tourists will agree to the fact that the adventure doesn’t necessarily end up at the temples; after spending a long day out in the Cambodian sun, indulging in cocktails at the hotel Lounge while being entertained by the local artists is a cool, relaxing activity which marks a perfect end to a wonderful day.

The tranquil experience of your stay makes The Angkor Palace Resort an ideal destination for your getaway to the East.


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