Alternative Holiday Ideas:  Camping and Caravanning


Camping and Caravanning are fast becoming a popular option for holidays all over the world. This is more so in places which offer a diverse landscape and yet are not too far away so that a family can just drive down for a quick getaway from its otherwise normal routine. Of course, there are many who do go for longer trips too that extend right up to a fortnight in an exotic countryside locations.

If you are fond of breaking away from the traditional, there will always be some new thing to explore your places, from deserts to mountains and beaches to rainforests; there are many opportunities that you will find hard to resist.camping

Caravanning and Camping is a more practical method of exploring your favorite places and yet spending quality time with your family. Every day offers to you things to experiment and braces you up for another day that promises to be something new with some other adventure.

Countries like the USA, Australia, England, Germany etc have many demarcated camping sites that make it even easier to spend a holiday. All you have to do is to do your last bit of planning and drive down with your family, friends or  partner to the spot that you like, pitch up your tent and park your caravan.

What are the things that you should keep in mind?

camping2While caravanning and camping holidays look to be a simple, straightforward way to spend a vacation, it always pays well to plan in advance to ensure that it goes smoothly. If you are a first time camper/caravanner your first trip may be quite daunting. These hints would assist you on your trip –

  • Make a check list – compiling a checklist to cater for every camping need is a great idea. This will also make you think of all the eventualities that you might face and you would e better prepared for it
  • Make a caravan checklist too; after all, you would need certain special equipment and accessories as well as spares for your car.
  • In case you are going to a demarcated camping site that would have many users, it’s good to know and get an idea of the distinct camping etiquettes that you should consider and also make your family aware of the same.
  • Remember, planning for a holiday appears to be quite daunting but it is just a temporary feeling; if you plan well, it is actually fun rather than being stressful.

Advantages of Camping and Caravanning

  • Caravanning and camping also gives you an opportunity to meet other like minded people who love swapping ideas and exploring the great locations together. In fact, you may even join one of the caravan clubs near you so that there is a regular exchange of ideas and hints about fancy locations that you could explore.
  • Taking a trip to some location away from home gets you in touch with the local culture more closely and you can enjoy the location, great facilities, gastronomy delights and local wines.

Almost all European nations are a great destination for any traveler who wants to immerse in the local culture and see beautiful locates. Some of the best locations tailor-made for Caravanning and Camping are in England, France, Spain, Germany and Italy.


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