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When it comes to making hotel bookings worldwide, Agoda is a favorite site for many. This is so, because it offers not only various hotels and stay options that cater to all types of tourists – backpackers to premium travelers, but it also offers a lowest price guarantee.

agoda2Booking Procedures

Although it is based at Singapore, it has customer care all over the world. You may find many other hotel booking companies too on the internet but after having used agoda.com for many bookings, I think it ranks amongst the best.

Its hotel booking search comes up with a wide variety of hotels and other stay options like B&B, hostels, resorts, etc and you can choose what suits you the best.

As far as the booking procedure goes, Agoda.com offers all the standard features. You can filter your lists based on the personal preferences. It also enables sorting out the results based on reviewers’ scores, type of accommodation and the area.

What the reviews indicateagoda4

On a slightly negative note, although it does have a wide base in Asia, the choices it offers in the European union as well as other western countries are somewhat limited. If you look up for three to five star hotels on the most popular tourist destinations using the different websites, you will notice that it does not rank too high as far as the value hotels are concerned. Nor were the price differentials too attractive.

Sometimes you may also find duplicity in names that might create booking problems as many a travelers have reported in their reviews that they were either not booked  or were given confirmations of similar sounding, but different hotels.

On the plus side, they have an international customer care number that generally seems to take care of such issues effectively but there have been cases of harassment as well as not coming up with satisfactory solutions.

I found the Agoda’s hotel options at the top destinations like Paris, London, Berlin etc were generally more expensive than those on the other hotel booking services.

Payment Options

Agoda.com is very flexible in its payment conditions. You have to pay in USD but what sets it slightly apart from the other hotel booking websites is that although your booking is confirmed online instantly, you can pay at the time of checking in. You can make payments using any of the international credit cards like the MasterCard, Visa or American Express. They also have the option to pay by PayPal. Also, one of the best part is that the cancellation is free for almost all hotels, right up to the point of checking in.



Agoda.com is a very user friendly website for booking hotels and stays worldwide. It provides all the important information in first view of the search results along with links about the hotel profiles. You can further refine the results based on guest reviews, star ratings and other factors such as the location, price band, etc.

You can also see the guest review section about hotel quality along as far as cleanliness, location advantage, ease of check in, and other services are concerned.

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