Advantages of Holidaying on Smaller Cruise Ships


There has been increasing trend of tourists preferring smaller cruise ships to explore, instead of the larger ones that have been traditionally taken on voyages round the globe. We see many people booking cruise holidays on ships that are of capacity 100 to 300. The trends are surely changing.

While the larger luxury liners have a sort of nostalgic touch associated with their names and are definitely a notch higher as far as luxury offerings are concerned, smaller cruises have certain other advantages which make it worthwhile to consider them.

If you ask me personally, I do love luxury but if the cost is almost half, I rather go with a few lesser frills. mekongBesides this, I prefer smaller crowds with more intimate ships which go faster and have more frequent tour itineraries than those which take passengers in thousands!

There are many advantages of this. The biggest advantage that I see is the fact that smaller cruise ships can go almost all over the world in the rivers and oceans, whereas the larger ones have fixed routes and stoppages. Also they are “at sea” for prolonged periods, which may get a bit boring. I would rather go hopping over the smaller islands and travel over the rivers than go day after day seeing nothing but water all around!

Cruises on smaller ships are over carefully selected routes, with varying time plans to suit all tastes. Besides this, they are also relatively intimate. I would tend to relate it more to a house party on the seas, where it is easy to become acquainted to your fellow cruisers and get to know them better. One can also make lifelong friendships here!

The crew members as well as the fellow passengers know you by name, and you tend to understand each other much better

Most of the cultural itineraries and adventure cruises, due to their very nature are best done by smaller cruise liners which can slip into any of the ports and harbors.

With the rise in such demand, there are many more boutique cruise lines offering trips with small ships to choose from. You can take your pick from low-cost to super-luxury. In fact, these days the trend of river cruising is driving this demand even more.

The carrying capacity of the largest of such vassals is not more than maybe 300 passengers, while those operating in the river cruises are even smaller and can take just a handful of guests up to say, 50. Some, like the ones that go along the lesser-known routes of the Upper Mekong River in Laos, can accommodate just 30 passengers!

While their size maybe small, they do have the basic comforts and have the requisite safety equipment. So next time you plan a trip to explore the waters, do study the various routes of your choice and choose a trip that takes you to your favorite designations and makes your holidays memorable. You will get a wide variety, and can choose from the ordinary liners that give the basic offerings to beautiful teak decks with floating restaurants to the beautiful clipper yachts.


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