A visitors’ basic guide to Sydney


Sydney is a dream destination for many. While on one hand it offers a blend of mountains in the vicinity and a number beaches that have unparalleled scenic beauty; it also has all the conveniences of any modern city to make your trip comfortable as well as informative.

Sydney is also one of the busiest cities of the world. Its beeches are generally bustling with tourists and locals alike. Therefore, it is advisable to plan your visits and your move accordingly so that you can avoid bumping into the crowds wherever you go.

Travelers’ tips

If you want to enjoy being in Sydney the most important thing to keep in mind is that you must adopt some of the ways of the local Aussies.

In and around Sydney

  • Sydney is famous for its beaches as well as surfing. Therefore, if you are fond of both, then be sure to sydneysurfbe on one of the famous tub boats at the circular quays 5 p.m. and hope – you can easily make out is boats by their yellow and green color combination. It will take you to Manly where you can go surfing by hiring a surfboard for one evening and enjoy yourself in the best of waters meant for surfing.
  • On the weekends, the locals often leave the city to visit the nearby mountains and relax in midst of the heavenly landscape which has some of the most beautiful panoramic views.
  • You can escape from the city and spend time in the midst of nature surrounded by the beautiful blue sydney2mountains.
  • You can also watch the sunset or go to Hyde Park which is a great hangout and has many activities such as wine tasting, flower competitions, etc.

Gastronomical delights

For those of you fond of having good seafood or traditional snacks you can get one of those Australian “Outback food” in many city restaurants.  You will get a variety of meaty options that include Ostrich, Kangaroo, Goat and even Crocodile!

One of the highlights of most of the beaches is that they have many BBQ sites where you can sit down and have a relaxed evening along with your friends or family and gazing at the sea.

Pubs and night life

Perhaps one of the best places to have had quite drink is the “Cargo Bar” located in the up market Darling Harbor area where you can spend some time listening to the jazz band playing to the local themes and the crowd around you enjoying the cocktails. You can join the crowds in merry making and dancing till the early hours in the morning.

You can also try out the area called “The Rocks” which is in the city centre.  Here you would be able to buy your favorite brand of liquor and carry it with you to the harbor where you can admire the night sky too.

Here you will also see the city’s most iconic building, the world famous “Opera House” in it its full glory.

Shopping areas in Sydney

Although the choice of shopping is not limited to just a few areas but one of the best places to go shopping in Sydney is the Oxford Street located in Darlinghurst.  It is also a spot famous for the Mardi Gras parade.  You can also visit the Crown, Liverpool and Burton streets nearby and see some of the best boutique shops, art galleries, quirky book shops as well as cafes.



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