A two days stop-over at Berlin


Berlin, the capital of unified Germany is a vast city; certainly not something that you can do in a matter of two days. But if you have less time, and wish to see everything that this city has to offer, then you can do it the way I did on a short stopover at Germany.

While there are a number of sites that can be visited, you must focus on the most important few.  Maybe you will like to re-visit some of them again later if you have the time.

Day 1


BrandenburgIn order to maximize your stay, you must start early.  There are a number of free walking tours that would give you your first introduction to the city in the most entertaining way. But in case you are doing it alone, then have a quick bite and head straight for the most famous attraction of the city – the Brandenburg Gate. It is a truly majestic site where you will find a number of visitors of various nationalities hanging around and taking photographs.  From there, go to the remains of the erstwhile German wall with separated East Germany from the west. The entire area is walk able and you would enjoy going through the streets of Germany as move to the famous building – the Checkpoint Charlie.

Round up your afternoon by making a visit to Lustgarten, the famous Royal Gardens.

This entire circuit can be done in around four hours.


Have a quick bite and after relaxing a bit, immerse yourself in an afternoon full of cultural delights.

Germany has some of the most famous museums in the world. The Altes Museum has a collection of Egyptian Artifacts that date back to the earliest of times. Also, a visit to the Nationalgalerie is “must do” for any art lover. Follow it up with the Pergamon Museum, which boasts of many ancient relics from Rome, Egypt and Greece. It is undoubtedly Berlin’s finest museum.


After the days hard work it is time to celebrate. Enjoy your evening out with fine dining and drinks in the famous Oranienburg Street which is one of the most vibrant happening places in Berlin.

Day 2


reichstagAgain, start early and make the first visit to The Reichstag, located near the Brandenburg gate. You can take a Swift elevator right on the top of this building and get a fantastic view of the entire city. Get to know it better, sitting in a glass dome on its terrace.


Visit the east-side gallery starting at Friedrichshain.  Here you will find the most well preserved section of the erstwhile Wall of Berlin.  It has a long and interesting history and you will feel yourself being taken back into time.


After walking along the wall for some kilometers, you would have earned yourself a good drink.  So enjoy your evening, sitting in some of the most entertaining places along the Simon-Dach Str or the Boxhanger Str in Friedrichshain district where you will find many clubs, restaurants and jam-packed bars.




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